Sid Keiser is a freelance photographer in the Baltimore area, specializing in corporate event coverage, capturing exceptional candid images for his clients.  These images are used for social media, marketing campaigns and documentary purposes.  Sid's corporate clients prefer real photos from their events rather than generic looking stock photos for their marketing needs.  
With over 15 years of experience as a full time photographer and nearly 15 more as a part time videographer, this is no hobby for Sid.  He has been told by clients that "he gets it" and that it's a relief to have him covering one of their events.  His vast experience ranging from portraits and weddings to motorsports, NFL, corporate conferences, real estate, food and product photography, means that he comes mentally and skillfully prepared for any challenge.  
Sid understands the types of photos that marketing departments need and love for their social media posts, newsletters and marketing campaigns.  He knows the importance of powerful images to help them develop marketing products and an online presence that is polished and professional no matter the size of the business.  He envisions how to tell the story in its best light and captures all the details, important moments and emotions to do so.  A considerable amount of time after the shoot is spent to cull and perfect the final set of images.  They're carefully processed from the highest quality RAW files, color corrected and ready for your marketing team to work with.
Sid covers events and offers other types of marketing photography in and around Baltimore, DC and Virginia and he is available for travel assignments.  He has traveled across the country to cover events for his clients including Pittsburgh, Denver, New Orleans, San Francisco, Orlando, Dallas and San Diego.   
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